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Tririga Space Management System

UC San Diego’s footprint spans more than 700 facilities from the main campus in La Jolla to locations worldwide. The Space Management project will promote efficiencies in administrative offices, research spaces and safety.

What is the current situation?

Existing space management procedures and policies no longer adequately support the needs of an institution as diverse and rapidly growing as UC San Diego. We currently face:
  • An outdated and increasingly obsolete Facilities Information System
  • Multiple systems using different building nomenclature and no communication across systems
  • Inconsistent workflows and processes
  • Insufficient data on building use

How will Tririga change space management?

The initial release of Tririga Space Management will focus on move management. Tririga will help:

  • Identify available space and potential conflicts
  • Coordinate large moves with “domino” effects, including North Torrey Pines Living and Learning (new Sixth College), Triton Pavilion and extensive development of the Hillcrest campus
  • Automate workflows and standardizing processes
  • Allow users to plan multiple scenarios
  • Generate detailed reports in multiple formats

What is the project status?

The Space Management project kicked off in October 2016, with current-state assessment in February 2017. The initial release is expected spring 2019.

Learn more about Tririga Space Management 

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Eliud Escobedo is your contact for more information on the Space Management Project: 

Eliud Escobedo
Director, Office of Innovation and Transformation
Office of VC-Resource Management and Planning