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About the ESR Program

The Enterprise Systems Renewal (ESR) program is a multi-year initiative that will reshape the way UC San Diego does business.

With input from subject matter experts from central offices and academic departments across campus, the program's focus is optimization of core business and administrative practices as we deliver new systems that will effectively meet the needs of our growing university.

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ESR Continuity Planning Team Helps Users Navigate Change

Enterprise Systems Renewal (ESR) means big changes for UC San Diego in terms of how we work, access data and connect systems. See who's helping us prepare for change.

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UCPath New Deployment Schedule

Things are moving faster now and UCPath is coming soon! Check out our new UCPath deployment schedule, which has UC San Diego going live June 1, 2020.

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The New Standard for Data Storage and Access

Activity Hubs are being introduced to replace current data warehouses. Find out how they are making a difference in how we utilize data.

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