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Data Access Is Changing

The ESR program is replacing campus enterprise financial, human resources, payroll, research, and student information systems, among others. New enterprise systems, data repositories and requirements for the infrastructure to accomodate the new systems and process mean that there are new ways to access system data for reporting and software application integration.

How Do You Access Data?

In the past, data was downloaded or accessed using query tools like FinLink, QueryLink and MyFunds. The reports were customized by a developer who would address your specific needs. The path you take to access data today was developed to coordinate the needs of users from across campus. Processes and tools have been put into place from requests for access through fulfillment. Processes vary depending on your role in the use of the data.

How Do You Use data?

Do you view data through a query or report? Today you would be a Report User, or Consumer. Maybe you create reports and queries for others to use. You're a Report Creator, or Developer. Maybe you install, update and maintain a local system or enter data into that system. Data Integrator could describe you. 

Find your data use role below to learn more about your path to data access in today's environment.  

Report Users (Consumers)

When you are using data to perform your work duties, you are most likely going to access the data through reports. With the new enterpise systems, reports can come directly from the system or through the system data that is available in data repositories called Activity Hubs.

Business Analytics Hub

For you, it doesn't matter how or where the reports are created. You just need the information. The Business Analytics Hub (BAH),, was created to provide report users a single location to find and access reports. On the BAH, you will find links to reports across business categories, request access to the reports and data used , enhancements to existing reports and, if you aren't seeing a report that works for you at all, request a new report.    

Report Creators (Developers)

You build the reports that are requested and approved for report users. Report developers are trained in the use of reporting and analytics tools and on data structures.

In-System Tools

Some of the new enterprise systems provide the tools needed to create reports directly in the system. Oracle Financials Cloud offers an in-system business intelligence tool, which may provide the solution for single-source data reporting needs.

Activity Hub Tools

Enterprise system data is available in repositories called Activity Hubs. Activity Hubs are in place for Employee (EAH), Financial (FinAH), Research (RAH) and Student (SAH) data, with more to come. A report developer can build reports that use data from only one or multiple data repositories using the Cognos or Tableau reporting and analysis tools.

Learn more about Activity Hubs and reporting and analytics tools for developers.

Data Integrators 

Your department or unit uses an application that requires the use of enterprise data. While data was exported from systems like ISIS and IFIS then imported into systems in the past, there are now tools available for synchronization of enterprise data.

Integration Requests

An application owner will request system integrations through the Continuity Planning process.

Information about the local system and business needs it servces is entered into the Data Use Inventory. That information goes through a process of review that includes analysis of business requirements and evaluation of options for satisfying those requirements. If approved for integration, the request enters a remediation queue and is assigned a date and resources.  

Learn more about the ESR Continuity Planning process and enterprise data integration.

For more information, visit the ITS Support Portal.