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ESR Change Management

The ESR program takes the people side of change seriously. We want people to be aware, committed and able to adopt ESR change, so we established Strategic Organizational Change Management (SOCM) at the program level.

SOCM provides a light framework, structure and guidance for all ESR projects to consistently introduce, manage and reinforce change. Each project has a designated change team, change leaders and practitioners, who work closely with the project manager and SOCM to strategically integrate OCM into their project. 

The change team ensures each project is in tune with audience needs and that impacted personnel receive the awareness, leadership, coaching and training they need to successfully navigate the coming changes. This approach increases our organizational and individual change readiness to ensure a continuous improvement culture.

Making Change Happen

Each ESR project team follows a preset team structure and eight categories of work to examine change from different angles. The categories help guide teams through the OCM process, assessing the effects of a coming change on customers to communicating and addressing customer resistance through the transition to the new environment.

Collecting information using this broad perspective helps prepare change teams to fully comprehend risks, challenges and their impacts on audiences, informing how to best conduct OCM efforts.

Change Landscape Categories

Our Strategic Organizational Change Management (SOCM) framework is defined by eight categories.

Managing the Changes - The Team

ESR’s model of "expert sourcing," relying on UC San Diego talent to implement the new systems, applies to the way we are managing change for our system users.

Each project has a core team that includes change leads and change practitioners specifically trained to implement the SOCM framework. These leads meet regularly with the SOCM team for coaching, information and collaboration.

Project teams include the following roles and assigned responsibilities. Find individual ESR project change teams on The Team pages

Change Lead

Sets the tone. Establishes vision and strategy for successful change outcomes. Serves as the primary project spokesperson. 

Change Practitioner 

Makes change happen. Develops and executes a complex Master Change Plan.

Business Process Lead

Charts a path for the project. Directs process review, design and re-engineering. Oversees software solution(s) implementation.

Technical Lead

Handles the zeros and ones. Manages technical design and implementation of solution.

Configuration Lead

Connects the dots. Leads system configuration and defines implementation requirements.

Project Manager

Gets the job done. Guides the team through the project deliverables from start to completion.