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About Timekeeping (Ecotime)

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The Ecotime payroll timekeeping system went live in July 2020. Visit the Ecotime website for current system information and support.

The Ecotime Timekeeping project consolidated a number of users onto one enterprise timekeeping system, replacing many homegrown systems like MyTime and TOPS in favor of a robust, vendor-supported tool used across campus and Health.

Ecotime is a flexible tool that automates complicated pay calculations, provides greater agility in implementing wage and hour changes and strengthens our compliance. The transition to Ecotime also eases our integration with UCPath to ensure accurate and timely pay and leave reporting.

Project Goals

  • Reduce the administrative burden for UC San Diego timekeeping
  • Provide a user friendly electronic system for payroll timekeeping that will integrate with the UCPath human resources and payroll system
  • Improve efficiency with automated and streamlined processes to document, organize, track, manage and report on staff pay and timekeeping
  • Improve compliance with union and university policies with automated calculations
  • Ensure that the transition to the new Ecotime reporting tool is managed with the least amount of disruption to the UC San Diego community by ensuring system readiness, advance and adequate communication, training and education to ease this organizational change

The Campus Rollout

The Ecotime system was rolled out to campus and those Health Sciences staff who are required to report time between March 22 and June 1, 2020. Rollout dates were assigned by Vice Chancellor area and department.

Rollout Wave #

Start Date

Vice Chancellor Areas/Departments


March 22, 2020

April 1, 2020

  • Payroll
  • IT Services
  • School of Medicine staff transitioning from HBS Ecotime

1 & 2


April 19, 2020

May 1, 2020 

  • Academic Affairs
  • Advancement
  • Chancellor’s Office
  • Chief Financial Officer
    (except for Temporary Employment Services, IT Services and Payroll)
  • Equity Diversity and Inclusion
  • Health Sciences (ARC)
    (except  Exempt Postdocs and House Staff rolling out in Wave 3)
  • Marine Sciences
    (except title codes rolling out in Wave 3*)
  • Medical Center (ARC)
  • Research
  • Resource Management and Planning
  • Student Affairs



May 31, 2020 

June 1, 2020 

  • Exempt Postdocs and House Staff
  • Temporary Employment Services (Dept. 167):
    • Staff will continue to enter/approve time in TOPS
    • TOPS data will upload to Ecotime and UCPath
  • Marine Sciences title codes listed below. *
    • Timekeeping for Mariners within department 253, Nimitz Marine Facility, will move to Ecotime, but Mariners themselves will continue current time submission processes.

* Marine Sciences title codes included in Wave 3:

5843, 5844, 5845, 5846, 5847, 5848, 5849, 5850, 5851, 5852, 5853, 5854, 5855, 5856, 5857, 5858, 5859, 5860, 5861, 5862, 5999, 6012, 6013, 6014, 6015, 6016

( Look up a title codes.)

This Ecotime rollout excludes:

  • Non-Academic Medical Center Employees (departments 3000-3999)
  • Those using or moving to Kronos (departments 94,112, 119, 132, 296, 297, 298, non-exempt staff of 412, 413 and 414)
  • Those using Telestaff (department 151)
  • Those using the Medical Center Ecotime instance (departments 2000-2230, 2232-2999)

( Look up department codes.)

Project Sponsors

Pierre Ouillet

Vice Chancellor
Chief Financial Officer

Lori Donaldson 

Chief Financial Officer
UC San Diego Health

Project Governance

Project Governance provides leadership support to the project team and ensures decisions are made in accordance with Guiding Principles.

Governance members make certain the project is operating within stated constraints (budget, schedule, scope, etc.) and monitors risks and associated mitigation efforts. 

Escalation Role
Pearl Trinidad Executive Director, Business & Financial Services
George Gomez Payroll Analyst, Business & Financial Services, Payroll
Jim Ryan Director of Operations Services & Solutions,
Human Resources Office, Health Sciences
Gary Nittoly Principal Administrative Analyst, Payroll, Medical Center
Han Ho Operations Manager, Office of the Vice Chancellor,
Health Sciences Central Services
Terri Winbush Senior Director, Labor & Employee Relations,
Human Resources
Kim Ayoub Director, Temporary Employment Services,
Human Resources
Kelly Maheu Project Administrative Analyst,
Vice Chancellor Acadamic Affairs
Otis Crockett Labor Relations Operations Manager, Human Resources
Dan Rawlins Director, Human Resources Services, Health Sciences
Brian DeMeulle Executive Director, Arcitecture & Infrastructure, Information Technology Services
Jen Grau Assistant Director, Information Technology Services Business Technology
Governance Members Role
Pierre Ouillet Vice Chancellor, Chief Financial Officer 
Cheryl Ross Assistant Vice Chancellor/Controller,
Office of the Vice Chancellor -
Chief Financial Officer
Vince Kellen Chief Information Officer, Campus
Nancy Resnick Chief Human Resources Officer, Campus
Janet Kamerman Chief Human Resources Officer, Health Sciences
Cynthia Palmer Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel Services
Evelyn Hidalgo Associate Dean, Academic & Staff Administration
Chris Longhurst Chief Information Officer, Health
Lori Donaldson Chief Financial Officer, Health Services
Pearl Trinidad Executive Director, Business & Financial Services
Reid Hollyfield Associate Chief Financial Officer, Health Sciences
Syliva Lepe Assistant Vice Chancellor, Budget

Project Team

The Ecotime Timekeeping project team supported users through the transition to the new timekeeping tools and processes with change support, communications and training. 

Supervisors and timekeepers provided employee support and startup help for Ecotime. Timekeepers worked directly with the Ecotime project team on larger issues.