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November 19, 2019 Notice to Timekeepers


From: <> On Behalf Of Gomez, George
Sent: Tuesday, November 19, 2019 10:11 AM
Subject: [ucsd-timekeepers-L] Ecotime Timekeeping Information and Q&A



    We want to thank the 150+ people that logged into last week's Q&A session on Ecotime, the timekeeping system that users of MyTime, RMP's Time Suite, and others will use in the future. This will not affect users of Kronos and Telestaff.

    Please see the below link to access the presentation and the recording of the session.  We will be consolidating much of the online Q&A session and posting on our FAQ page as well.   

    A few key summary points:   

      *   Additional demos and training will be provided in Dec through February

      *   Campus implementation will occur in waves with the first wave targeted for January 26

      *   The schedule of which VCs will be in which wave is nearly finalized

      *   Health Science Staff is already live and Medical Center (Health) is scheduled to go live in December

      *   Feedback is that most end uses are able to complete their timesheet with provided materials and have not needed to attend the optional webinars

      *   Biggest changes:

         *   (1) Timekeepers become "Reviewers." They will have a dashboard to see the status of their assigned employees. No more manual calculations!

         *   (2) To align with best practice, non-exempt employees will need to report hours worked to get paid. For those who are on a set schedule, data entry can be minimized by pre-populating with a standard schedule. Data must be saved by the end of the pay period.   

    Thank you,

    The Ecotime Project Team