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The Client Relationship Management (CRM) Project is live as of January 13, 2020. 

Via, users may now browse knowledge base articles or request services or help in the following categories: Budget & Finance; Information Technology; Payroll, Academic Personnel & HR; Research; Student Support. 

The Client Relationship Management Project was designed to deliver best-in-class customer service to our campus and affiliates. The primary outcome was to transition support  provided by ASK and other platforms into a new, centralized UC San Diego Services & Support Portal. 

The CRM project:

  • Provided one place for faculty, staff, and students to access support and service fulfillment for all IT and business services needs
  • Facilitated transferring and escalating service and support requests between campus departments
  • Supported enhanced customer service and support as ESR systems come online
  • Enabled us to dedicate resources to one technical solution, allowing for optimization of existing technology and the ability to fully leverage the potential of emerging technology