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About Enterprise Event & Production Management

The Enterprise Event and Production Management (EEPM) project will provide a harmonized solution for event planning. The project is informed by the larger event-planning community and built on related requirements, prioritized and managed toward related solutions. 

This project will improve systems currently in use and provide a comprehensive, modern solution for the university’s business needs. Staff and students will be freed to focus their time and effort on advancing the education, research and public service mission of UC San Diego.

Guiding Principles

  • Collaborate and partner with campus event stakeholders to understand specific business and enterprise needs to develop a unified future state.
  • Leverage existing Enterprise Systems to support event processes and maximize existing technology investments.
  • Develop and adjust existing event policy frameworks to meet individual needs with an enterprise focus to meet institutional goals.
  • Develop a unified event workflow to reduce event process redundancies and inefficiencies. 
  • Define a new automated event publication process to enable timely access to event information from the event programmer and attendee perspectives.

Project Sponsors

Alysson Satterlund

Vice Chancellor for
Student Affairs 

Gary C. Matthews

Vice Chancellor for Resource Management and Planning

Project Governance

Project Governance provides leadership support to the project team and ensures decisions are made in accordance with guiding principles.

Governance members make certain the project is operating within stated constraints (budget, schedule, scope, etc.) and monitors risks and associated mitigation efforts. 

Governance Members Role
Christy Bliss Executive Director & Donor Experience & Engagement - Advancement
Anne Buckley Chief Communications & Marketing Officer, University Communications and Public Affairs
Jacquie Campbell Associate Director, Conferences, Housing Dining Hospitality
Kevin Chou Director, Enterprise Systems Renewal
Executive Director, Business Technology Services, Information Technology Services
Sharon Camarero Marketing, University Extension
Eliud Escobedo Director, Business Transformation and Innovation, Resource Management and Planning
Matt Hale Executive Director, Creative Services and Publications, University Communications and Public Affairs
Kim Kennedy Chief Officer, Marketing & Communications, UC San Diego Health
Tad Linfesty Facilities Manager, Arts and Humanities
Kimberly O’Connell Clean Water Utility Manager, Environment, Health, and Safety
Brett Pollak Director, Workplace Technology Services, Information Technology Services
Donna Shabkie Manager, Events & Venues, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Jill Townsend Executive Director, Special Events and Protocol
Sharon Van Bruggen Executive Director, Student Affairs, University Centers

Project Team

The Enterprise Event Production Management (EEPM) project team will deliver an efficient, transparent enterprise-wide event management system that supports our cultural, academic, educational and recreational event offerings. 

The core project team ensures successful launch and continuous support.

Meet the EEPM team. 

Change Network

Our goal is to organize leaders at all levels of the university to ensure end users are aware and hear the right messages from the right people.

Building a network of informed individuals with business and technical backgrounds from across the university provides a local support structure that can better anticipate and meet the needs of UC San Diego's diverse group of stakeholders.

Representatives serving this multi-faceted role provide critical project support, including:         

  • Leading changes through words, behaviors, and actions
  • Providing guidance to individuals or groups as they recognize the need
  • Attending periodic informational sessions
  • Conducting presentations provided by the EEPM team
  • Establishing two-way communication and feedback loops within local networks
  • Escalating and de-escalating organizational change resistance and conflicts in partnership with project Change Lead and Practitioners

Project Timeline

Events project will be providing updates and a name change soon.