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Project Communications

This is your go-to repository for Kuali Research communications including updates, newsletter articles, change management resources and campus announcements. 

Learn about the Kuali Research Project in this video:

Change Network Resources

The following are available for download and presentation to your teams.

Topic Content Posted Presentation Download

KR Digital Forum

Slides presented at the inaugural KR Digital Forum which will take place on the last Wednesday of every month.

May 29, 2019

KR Town Hall

The slides and videos that were used at the event are available 

Apr 29, 2019

Testing Strategy

A concise view of the development and structure of the testing strategy that will take place for Kuali Research.

Apr 2, 2019
KR Overview A high-level overview of the ESR-KR project including timeline and milestones, governance, project team, engagement approach and benefits of renewal. Jan 18, 2019 kr overview download powerpoint

Change Network

Change Network overview, sponsorship resources and updates, next steps and action items. Jan 18, 2019 change network powerpoint

Business Process Improvement Approach

A review of the KR business process review strategy, research administration process landscape and details regarding the various teams and status of processes under review. Jan 18, 2019 business improvement powerpoint

Organizational Change Management

Prosci’s ADKAR methodology, a unified framework for implementation and organizational change. Jan 18, 2019 org change management powerpoint

Training Strategy

A high-level overview on the integrated training approach for the Kuali Research System using a blended learning strategy. Jan 18, 2019 training strategy powerpoint

Newsletters: Kuali Research Project Update

View past issues of the KR Update newsletter below.

4/26/2021 - ESR Kuali Research Updates - Kuali IRB Update + PHS Training + Unfunded Agreement Training

1/08/2021 - ESR Kuali Research Updates - Kuali IRB Coming Soon + Browse the Knowledge Base

6/26/2020 - ESR Kuali Research Updates - Kuali Research Subawards is going live + S2S and Detailed Budget Updates!

2/26/2020 - ESR Kuali Research Updates - Attend the KR Hot Topics Webinar!

1/14/2020 - ESR Kuali Research Updates - Kuali Research and Kuali COI are launching!

12/20/2019 - ESR Kuali Research Updates - New Proposal Submission Deadlines

11/21/2019 - ESR Kuali Research Update: Kuali Research Training Opportunities Now Live!

10/24/2019 - ESR Kuali Research Update: Kuali Research Adoption: Your Questions Answered

9/18/2019 - ESR Kuali Research Update: Kuali Research Begins Train-the-Trainer!

8/08/2019 - ESR Kuali Research Update: Kuali Research Training Strategy Overview

7/10/2019 - ESR Kuali Research Update: Kuali Research Demo! ESR Data Continuity Plan!

6/05/2019 - ESR Kuali Research Update: What Comes After Business Process Improvement? Add the KR Digital Forum to Your Calendar!

5/15/2019 - ESR Kuali Research Update: KR Digital Forum Schedule, Go Live Date Announcement! 

4/03/2019 - ESR Kuali Research Update: Kuali Research Town Hall Registration, Testing Strategy Overview!

3/13/2019 - ESR Kuali Research Update: Kuali Research Town Hall Save the Date, Lean Bench Kicks off Year 2!

2/07/2019 - ESR Kuali Research Update: The Subject Matter Expert Perspective on Business Improvement, Kuali Research Project Experiences the Lean Bench in Action!

1/09/2019 - ESR Kuali Research Update: This is Kuali Research, Why Business Improvement?