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ESR Program Team

The Enterprise Systems Renewal Program Team provides program definition, direction and oversight and supports project teams' technical and organizational change efforts.

Program team roles, campus roles and contact information are included in the profiles below. Contact any team member with your ESR questions or concerns.

For more information about the ESR program or or team structure and who to contact, email

Program Management

  • Kevin Chou

    Kevin Chou

    Program Director
    Executive Director, Business Technology Services, Information Technology Services
  • TBD


    Program Manager

Program Architecture

  • David Hutches

    David Hutches

    Data Architect
    Data Architect, Information Technology Services
  • Scott Lee

    Scott Lee

    Enterprise Architect
    Enterprise Architect, Information Technology Services


  • Ted Johnson

    Ted Johnson

    Chief Procurement Officer
    Associate Controller, Business and Financial Services, Procurement and Contracts
  • Todd Adams

    Todd Adams

    Director, Procurement
    Deputy Director, Business & Financial Services Strategic Procurement
  • Andrew Bunker

    Andrew Bunker

    Manager, Technology
    Commodity Manager, Business & Financial Services
  • Mary Chiu

    Mary Chiu

    RFx Supervisor
    Buyer/Purchasing, BFS Procurement and Contracts
  • Lynda Ta

    Lynda Ta

    RFx Coordinator
    Procurement Analyst, BFS Procurement and Contracts

Expert Sourcing Facilitation

  • Paula S. Finnegan

    Paula S. Finnegan

    Director, Talent Acquisitions & Data Analytics, Human Resources
  • Janet Kamerman

    Janet Kamerman

    Chief Human Resources Officer, Health

Strategic Organizational Change Management

  • Lynn Underwood

    Lynn Underwood

    Director, Strategic Organizational Change Management
    Organizational Change Management, Information Technology Services
  • Mojgan Amini

    Mojgan Amini

    Information Technology Community, Strategic Organizational Change Management 
    Director, Program Management & Continuous Improvement, Information Technology Services
  • Elaine Fleming

    Elaine Fleming

    Communications Lead, Strategic Organizational Change Management
    Communications Specialist, Information Technology Services
  • Mark Hersberger

    Mark Hersberger

    Manager, Information Technology Services
  • Anne Curtis

    Anne Curtis

    Training Lead, Strategic Organizational Change Management
    Interim Director, Learning and Development Program Manager, Human Resources
  • Justin Clow

    Justin Clow

    Service Transition Lead, Strategic Organizational Change Management
    Client Case Management Supervisor, Information Technology Services
  • Allisa Becker

    Allisa Becker

    Sustainment Lead, Strategic Organizational Change Management
    Manager, Web Content and Case Management, Information Technology Services
  • Douglas Bonilla

    Douglas Bonilla

    Communications Lead, Strategic Organizational Change Management
    Communication Specialist, Information Technology Services
  • Francisco Mejia

    Francisco Mejia

    WalkMe Lead, Strategic Organizational Change Management
    Trainer, Organizational Change Management, PMCI, Information Technology Services

Business Process Improvement

  • Shawn Munro

    Shawn Munro

    Lean Bench Manager
    Sr. Business Process Analyst, Jacobs School of Engineering
  • Prachi Raheja

    Prachi Raheja

    Lean Bench Manager
    Continuous Improvement Lead, Information Technology Services

Continuity Planning

  • Say-Ho Tan

    Say-Ho Tan

    Organizational Change Manager / Business Systems Analyst
    Manager, Advancement Information Services, Information Technology Services
  • Angela Carpenter

    Angela Carpenter

    Business Systems Analyst
    Business Systems Analyst, Information Technology Services
  • Jessica Pohle

    Jessica Pohle

    Project Manager
    Project Manager, Information Technology Services