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Student Information System Project Team

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  • Cindy Lyons

    Cindy Lyons

    Change Lead (Central)
    University Registrar, Enrollment Management
  • Sara Danford

    Sara Danford

    Change Lead (Extended Studies)
    Assistant Director of Academic Services, Division of Extended Studies
  • Cindy Hsu

    Cindy Hsu

    Change Practitioner
    Senior Academic Advisor, Muir College
  • Katie Frehafer

    Katie Frehafer

    Business Process Lead
    User Experience/Technical Project Manager, Division of Biological Sciences
  • David Garrison

    David Garrison

    Design Architect
    Senior Associate Registrar, Enrollment Management
  • Andrew Kaplan

    Andrew Kaplan

    Design Architect
    Director of Client & Student Services, Division of Extended Studies
  • David J. Hutches

    Enterprise Architect
    Enterprise Architect, Information Technology Services
  • Brian Smith

    Brian Smith

    Project Manager
    Project Manager, Information Technology Services
  • Jonathan Whitman

    Jonathan Whitman

    Solutions Architect
    Director of Student & Faculty Information Services, Information Technology Services