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The Project

The Student Information System (SIS) project will provide a comprehensive, modern solution for UC San Diego’s business needs in the following areas:

  • Course and class scheduling
  • Enrollment and registration services
  • Academic records
  • Curriculum management
  • Student finances
  • Financial aid and scholarships

A new SIS will be used for all student information and serve undergraduates, graduates, the School of Medicine, other professional schools, and the Division of Extended Studies.

Latest News

August 2022 Project Update


Financial Aid Project Steering Committee Formed

Active and visible executive-level sponsorship is critical to the success of any project. For the Financial Aid Project, the project steering committee provides that leadership, as well as key decision making for the project. Learn more about the steering committee.

RFP Released for Curriculum Management System

At the March 2022 meeting, the SIS Governance Committee voted to proceed with a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a Curriculum Management System. The RFP was released on July 29, 2022. Learn more about this important milestone.

Financial Aid Project Team Formed and Kickoff Held

Shortly after receiving approval from leadership to move forward with the Financial Aid Project and gathering the project’s steering committee, the project team was formed and a project kickoff was held with all the key project stakeholders. Learn more about this project milestone.

SIS Project Preparation Work: Mobile WebReg Application

The Mobile WebReg Application Project will build a mobile-friendly application that students can use to register for their courses. Learn more about this much-requested update to the student experience.

Being a Change Lead: Dealing in Trust, Transparency and Lots of Feelings

Change management strives to ensure that the people who will be affected by a project aren’t forgotten amidst the push to meet the project’s deadlines and deliverables. Cindy Lyons is one of two Change Leads currently working on the SIS Project and overseeing the change management work. Meet Cindy!


More About the Project