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The Project

The Student Information System (SIS) project will provide a comprehensive, modern solution for UC San Diego’s business needs in the following areas:

  • Course and class scheduling
  • Enrollment and registration services
  • Academic records
  • Student finances
  • Financial aid and scholarships

A new SIS will be used for all student information and serve undergraduates, graduates, the School of Medicine, other professional schools, and the Division of Extended Studies.

Latest News

December 2021 Project Update


The SIS Shopping List

Replacing our student information system (SIS) may seem like a daunting task. After all, the SIS touches nearly every aspect of business at the university in some way, large or small, directly or indirectly.

On a project with such a large scope and with so many different stakeholders, how do you even begin to understand what’s required to be successful? The answer is perhaps even simpler than you might think: a list. Learn more about the process of creating a requirements list for the SIS project.

Minimizing Disruptions and Supporting Report Access

Pre-habilitation, or pre-hab, work means doing everything possible to prepare the university for the upcoming change to a new SIS, even before any work on the actual new system begins. The goal with pre-hab work is to minimize the amount of changes happening at one time for end-users and stakeholders.

Read more about the ongoing pre-hab work, including updating reports and updating “the plumbing” of existing systems.

More About the Project