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Access to Contract and Grant Data is Changing

Starting January 22, 2020, Contract and Grant Data will no longer be available via QueryLink. Instead, Research data will be accessed through the Research Activity Hub using the Cognos and Tableau reporting tools.   

In coordination with the transition to Kuali Research and COI, data from Coeus is moving to the Kuali system. On January 22, 2020, Kuali will be live and QueryLink Contract and Grant reports will be retired. Starting January 22, QueryLink users will see a message saying they no longer have access to Contract and Grant reports. 

This change only applies to QueryLink reports that use Contract and Grant Data. Reports using Financial, Student and other types of data will still be available through QueryLinkFollow the progress of individual ESR projects for more information about their data transition and access changes 

For more information about the Research data transition, Research reportalready availableanalysis resources and what you can do to prepare for the transition, visit Research: Data, Reports and Analytics on Blink. 



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