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Ecotime Delays Some Department Rollouts

Ecotime Wave 1&2 Dates ChangedMany employees are transitioning to working remotely to promote social distancing and curb the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

In order to balance continued operations with time needed to adjust to this new way of working, the first rollout has been limited to 3 departments, with the rollout for the rest of the departments in Wave 1 & 2 delayed.

A New Wave 0 Created

IT Services, Payroll and staff who are transitioning from the School of Medicine HBS Ecotime will begin using Ecotime March 22 for bi-weekly reporters and April 1 for monthly reporters. This first rollout group will be referred to as "Wave 0."

Wave 1&2 Revised Rollout Dates

The rollout for the following Ecotime Wave 1 & 2 departments has been changed to April 19 for bi-weekly reporters and May 1 for monthly reporters:

  • Academic Affairs
  • Advancement
  • Chancellor’s Office
  • Chief Financial Officer, except Temporary Employment Services, IT Services and Payroll
  • Equity Diversity and Inclusion
  • Health Sciences (ARC), except Exempt Postdocs and House Staff
  • Marine Sciences, except title codes included in Wave 3
  • Medical Center (ARC)
  • Research
  • Resource Management and Planning except Student Affairs

Visit the Ecotime website for the complete Rollout Schedule and exceptions.

Please continue to attend training, review Ecotime website content, and contact your supervisors and timekeepers with Ecotime questions.

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