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Ecotime Wave 1 Rollout Delayed

Message delivered to employees in the following VC areas:

  • Advancement
  • Chancellor's Office
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Equity Diversity and Inclusion
  • Research
  • Student Affairs

Upon careful review, and in consultation with management, the Ecotime project team has decided to delay the release of Wave 1. Originally scheduled for February 23/March 1, the roll out for Wave 1 VC areas will now take place one month later with the Wave 2 rollout.

Your New Ecotime Rollout Dates

  • March 22 for bi-weekly reporters
  • April 1 for monthly reporters

The revised schedule allows for more system testing and user training, resulting in an improved experience for all.

What does this change mean for you?

You should continue to prepare for your Ecotime transition by attending live training and checking the website for information and available resources. Training content is continually updated and new resources are added.
Also look out for more information from the Ecotime project team as your rollout date approaches, and don’t forget to talk to your departmental HR and Timekeeping staff, if you have any questions about Ecotime and what it means to you.

Supervisors and Timekeepers

The Ecotime project team is dedicated to providing you with the information and support you need to ensure your department and staff transition is successful. More information will be delivered to you over the coming weeks. Be sure to contact the team with your questions at

More Information

Visit for training schedules and resources, the answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions and more.
The Ecotime Project Team

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