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About That Upgrade You're Requesting...

This is shaping up to be a big year for Enterprise Systems Renewal (ESR). Several systems will come online, others will continue the journey through vendor selection and configuration, while others are just now kicking off.  

With ESR systems in mind, it’s worth considering how the multitude of projects will affect the systems you use and the way you work. More specifically, it’s time to reconsider future investments in systems that are slated for deprecation.  

This takes two forms: Requests made to IT Services for upgrades and any local solutions you implement.  

Let’s examine why. Over the next few years, current enterprise systems like those for financial (IFIS), student (ISIS) and human resources and payroll (PPS) will be replaced. Therefore, your requested enhancement may have a very short and limited useful life.  

As you plan future operations for your department, it’s more productive to make sure your needs are met in the new systems. Project teams are actively reviewing processes and collecting requirements. Being involved in those exercises is the best way to maximize what ESR can do for you and your work.  

Additionally, the way you get data is set to change. A wide variety of applications in use across campus rely on data downloaded or accessed from tools like IFIS, the Data Warehouse, CSV files, FinLinkQueryLink, MyFunds, etc. If you’re considering a new workflow to tap into those systems, please again consider what could be a limited lifespan.  

Meanwhile, please complete the ESR Downstream Data Use InventoryEach ESR project team, along with technology staff and governing committees, will hold reviews of all inventoried business needs and the data use to determine the best path to future data access.   

The exception to work on current systems would be either maintenance work or outage fixes that keep you going until the new system goes online.  

Finally, your project teams are here to help and answer questions. We appreciate all your efforts in making ESR a success. Learn more about who we are, and please get in touch as necessary!  

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