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EVC Elizabeth H. Simmons Encourages Support, Offers Resources for Staff Undergoing Change

simmons-evc.jpgUC San Diego strives for a culture of continuous improvement. As a campus, and through work on Enterprise Systems Renewal (ESR), we are shifting how we conduct business and deliver services, by empowering staff and subject matter experts to identify surmountable challenges and drive change that resolves them. Such efforts directly support our campus’ strategic plan goal #5: “Creating an agile, sustainable, and supportive infrastructure.” 

Campus staff have been incredibly diligent, patient and resilient – and have fostered a great deal of improvement. Because change can be stressful, we are committed to providing tools and resources to support staff during this time of transition.

To this end, you are invited to join us for the 2nd Annual Staff Symposium: Mindfulness, Resilience & Managing Change on March 4 with mindfulness leadership expert Pandit Dasa as the keynote speaker and discussion leader. To register for this event, click here.

It is our shared responsibility, as community members, to contribute to these continuous improvement efforts and embrace our roles in managing change. Please take this as an opportunity to support one another and grow stronger together, while igniting interest in positive change, innovative solutions and meaningful partnerships. 

For additional support during the ESR transition, here are several of the many campus resources available to you:

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