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Real Estate Project Preps for Go Live

This month marks the debut of the Facilities Information Management (FIM) Real Estate project! Powered by IBM Tririga software, FIM Real Estate offers more robust decision-making power for campus leadership, replacing the existing Real Estate Lease Management (RELM) system. 

Prior to formation of FIM Real Estate, RELM had become increasingly insufficient at managing the real estate portfolio of an ever-expanding institution as diverse as the University of California San Diego. FIM Real Estate is designed, over time, to integrate and communicate with other enterprise solutions, track agreements more efficiently, provide accurate and timely reporting, give department managers direct access to key information and scale with the campus’ needs.  

“The FIM Real Estate solution will result in time savings and productivity increases,” explains Brandi Mulvey, senior manager of Real Property Leasing in the Real Estate Department and the project’s business process lead. “FIM will replace the current inefficient process of gathering data from multiple, scattered sources and Excel spreadsheets with comprehensive real estate transaction data at our fingertips. Data can be used to generate required annual reports for University of California Office of the President (UCOP), the County Tax Assessor and annual campus budgeting.” 

Client departments will also have direct access to their documents and data. Explains Mulvey, “currently, departments lack direct access to their leases, space commitments and other pertinent data helpful in their space planning and financial forecasting. The department business managers must contact Real Estate staff to obtain information regarding their space leases. Using FIM Real Estate, they’ll have direct access to perform their own analysis and be much more strategic in their decision making.” 

This is just the beginning with the monthly invoicing for utilization feature. By October 2019, FIM Real Estate will launch for real estate partners and be available for campus business administrators.  

“The go-live is only the first step,” says Mulvey. “We’re looking forward to integrating directly with future systems, including the Oracle financial system. At that time, we’ll be able to much more accurately track which specific lease payments have been processed and which are delinquent. That's why this is not just an instant improvement this month; future enhancements are also being contemplated. 

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