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Reserve Your Campus Workspace

fim-space-05192022.pngESR FIM Space Solution in Action!

The Facilities Information Management team is helping the campus improve its understanding of space needs and what flexible work arrangements mean for each department as we return to campus. 

The team partnered with University Centers and a limited number of departments to assess the workspace reservation functionality. Through UC San Diego Open Desk, faculty, students and staff can schedule a workspace, department conference room or collaboration/huddle room when they need to work on campus.

The software supports different space configurations, including the ability to change space rules. For example, the rules for each space can define reservable spaces without restriction, approval required or private spaces that must be reserved through a space coordinator.

During the assessment phase, expected to run until summer 2022, the team will be collecting feedback and data to improve the Open Desk experience for broader implementation. For more information about the Open Desk program, please email the FIM Space team at  

Current Workspace Locations

Learn more and try Open Desk during the proof-of-concept phase at the following locations:

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