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FIS Needs Your Information

Downstream Data Use Inventory:
Financial Information System Needs You!

Adam DiProfio and Arlynn Renslow, Financial Information System Change Leads

Why an Inventory?

As the Enterprise Systems Renewal (ESR) program reviews and updates our major campus business systems (finance, student, HR, research, facilities, etc.), the way we access data is also changing.

The wide variety of applications that rely on financial data that is currently accessed through tools like IFIS, the Data Warehouse, CSV files, FinLink and MyFunds will also need to change.

To learn more about business processes and applications that are using the current data sources, we need you to complete the ESR Downstream Data Use Inventory. The information you enter will assist project teams in gaining a deeper understanding of the business processes and applications that will be impacted by the new systems, then make recommendations on access to the new data sources.

The Financial Information System Inventory is In Progress

The FIS project team needs your assistance completing the phase one inventory of custom applications that are dependent upon existing financial systems or data. An inventory of these systems is requested by November 30, 2018.

Phase One (Ends November 30, 2018 )

Submit an inventory for all local, custom-built software applications that may be impacted by our migration to the new Oracle system.

These applications present the largest risk to the implementation schedule, if not captured:

  1. Application integrations or data transfers may break when we migrate to the new financial system.
  2. Integrations may require extensive resources and are critical to inventory to analyze and prioritize according to impact.

The next phases will include a review of local processes that use financial data extracts but no custom-built software and business processes that go beyond the scope of the FIS project.

Prepare and Complete Your Inventory Now!

To meet the FIS project's July 2020 go-live target, FIS governance and IT Services will begin assessing transactional and reporting needs against the capabilities of the new financial system December 1, 2018.

  • Complete your inventory of applications no later than November 30, 2018.
  • Coordinate inventory efforts within your area and designate an individual or workgroup responsible for completing the inventory.
    • Ensure that persons in your area responsible for major, critical business processes are aware of this inventory and are consulted. 
  • Access the ESR Downstream Data Use Inventory form.
  • To submit multiple applications, after your initial submission select "Submit another response."
  • To edit an already-completed submission, select "Edit your response."

A representative from the project team will contact you if additional information or clarification is needed.

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