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Kuali IRB System Implementation: New and Next

As 2020 comes to a close, something to look forward to in 2021 is that the UC San Diego IRB team is closer to rolling out the Kuali IRB module! Although the launch is several months away, we remain on target for late Spring/early Summer 2021. We are excited to bring you up to speed on some of our progress.

Since our update last month, the project team has:
  1. Configured Kuali IRB with all-new questions that will be easier to understand, answer and review.

    The questions branch so that the application covers multiple submission types but only displays questions specific to what you’re submitting. Our goal is to make the IRB submission and review process simpler and with fewer steps

  2. Designed the IRB office testing schedule to engage Analysts in testing the system

  3. Drafted the faculty and staff pilot testing plans.

    We will be pilot testing the system with live transactions and real users to help ensure the new questions make sense to our diverse research community (the new questions make sense to us – but we live and breathe IRB all day)

  4. Continued development of our broader faculty and user change management and communication plan; a part of which you are experiencing right now as you read this message

  5. Begun design and development of integration points between the IRB module and other Kuali modules so that we realize leadership’s vision of standardizing on a common research administration platform across the university!

Next month's post will talk about the implementation timeline and how you can prepare your existing studies for the transition to Kuali IRB. Also keep an eye out for a late-January presentation as part of the Research Compliance Hot Topics and Training Program.

Stay tuned, Kuali IRB will be an exciting new tool for the UC San Diego research community!

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