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Kuali Research System Demo

The Kuali Research system continues to undergo configuration changes as the team receives feedback.

Up next is User Acceptance Testing (UAT), which will inform the project team of changes needed to support the business processes designed by subject matter experts and KR users.

User testing participants will experience a hands-on demo of the KR system as we collect their feedback, but you can see the Kuali Research system now!

Jason DeFay, Business Process and Configuration Lead for the Kuali Research project, walks through the steps* to creating a research agreement:

  • Adding a Principal Investigator
  • Answering research questions
  • Completing the General and Space Questionnaires 
  • Adding an ORG code

He also demonstrates the KR validation as he submits a research agreement before it is completed, corrects and completes the process, and ends in a successful submission for Review and Approval.

Share this demo with any of your colleagues who want to know more about Kuali Research.

* Note that the video demo was recorded April 2019. Process and screens are subject to change before release.

Category: Research Administration