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Kuali IRB Pilot and More

We are getting closer to making the Kuali Institutional Review Board (IRB) module available for the research community with go-live scheduled for June 2, 2021. Watch a recording of the January 20 Kuali IRB Town Hall, below, and check your e-mail and other communication channels for important announcements from the IRB office as we get closer to the go-live date.

Kuali IRB Pilot

New submission forms are built and tested and now we are piloting the fully-configured Kuali IRB platform with key stakeholders from across the university. Representatives from multiple research-related units will continue to put the system through its paces over the next few weeks.

We will use information from the pilot program to smooth out some rough edges and make further refinements to the configuration so the IRB module is as ready as it can be for the general research community.

If you haven't been part of our testing program so far and are interested in contributing, please send a note to us at

What You Need to Do Now

Continue to use eIRB

Continue to use the eIRB Services system just as you have been; no changes just yet. We will let you know when it is time to do things differently.

Plan for a submission gap

In mid-May, the IRB office will ask everyone to hold sending brand new research applications through eIRB Services, if possible, and wait to submit new applications in the new Kuali IRB platform. Start planning now for a gap in new submissions from the middle of May to the June 2 go-live.

Close out eIRB projects

Start looking through active studies in the eIRB Services system. If there are projects that need to be closed out, please do so in eIRB services. If research projects are open in eIRB Services at the point we switch to Kuali IRB, you will be expected to transfer those projects into Kuali (that will mean work on your part). If a project can be closed, now is the time!

eIRB transition timeline

After Kuali IRB goes live in June, there will be a methodical and reasonable transition timeline over the course of the next year to move your research from eIRB Services to Kuali. Don't stress. We will keep you well informed of any deadlines.

Learn About Kuali IRB

If you interact with the UC San Diego IRB office, it is officially time to become informed and ready for the switch to Kuali IRB and the improved processes that will come with it.

Hear the what, why and how of Kuali IRB

HRPP Director Kip Kantelo covers key elements of the new Kuali IRB platform in this recording of the January 20 IRB Town Hall (1hr 35min with Q&A). Campus login required.

Look out for upcoming information and training

Even if you missed the Town Hall, there will be more chances to learn about Kuali IRB – and other exciting changes – in April and May.

Check the Kuali IRB FAQ

A Frequently Asked Questions page will be added to the ESR website within the next week! Look for emailed notifications about the FAQ launch and more.

Learn about Kuali

For those of you who are not already Kuali users, learn more about the platform through the following links.

Keep in mind the resources listed have been written primarily for Kuali Research for grants administration and not IRB, but the information about the Kuali platform will be the same across all modules.

  Stay tuned for more!

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