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Can’t Log In to the IFIS and PPS Mainframe "Green Screen?"

After the major transitions from Legacy Payroll / HR, and Financial Mainframe Applications to UCPath and the new Financial Information System last summer, it was important to ensure we had real-time access to legacy data for an additional fiscal year for activities such as reconciliation and variance reporting. As of August 1, 2021, view-only access to these mainframe applications transitioned to the new long-term care processes for accessing legacy data, which helped capture the value goals set out initially by the replacement enterprise systems. This change affects “Green Screen” access and did NOT affect existing QueryLink/FinancialLink reports. There is currently no plan to deprecate FinancialLink and all the reports you know and love!

If you need access to legacy data and are no longer able to log in, you will have to transition your process to retrieve data from either QueryLink or utilize an IFIS database copy created by IT Services. Database queries would have to utilize a support ticket from IT Services if you are not familiar with SQL or similar database query tools.

For more information, please contact a Departmental Security Administrator (DSA) within your respective VC Areas.

Category: News, Financial Systems