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UCPath Data: Clean, Convert, Review, Repeat 

 The UCPath core project team is about to conduct a three-step data conversion cycle to prepare data from the current Payroll Personnel Systems (PPS) for the move to UCPath. This phase is key to ensuring that data in PPS is clean, consistent, and formatted to be compatible with the new system.  

Step #1:  Clean

Data cleanup reduces redundancy, creates consistency and minimizes the number of corrections needed after UCPath goes live.  

We’ll start by looking for data that is missing, incorrect or needs to be updated: e.g., Social Security numbers that do not follow a standard format (###-##-####) or department code numbers that contain generic values like 999999. 

Reports run against PPS data will help pinpoint corrections then the team will collaborate with data owners across the campus to update missing or ambiguous data.

Step #2:  Convert

To successfully implement UCPath, PPS data needs to be converted to adhere to UCPath data format and requirements. Computer programs extract the data from PPS and format it according to a set of parameters that ensures compatibility with UCPath. 

Step #3:  Review

After data is converted, it is reviewed by a combination of automated comparison reports and manual reviews by subject matter experts. The check confirms that the data is complete and accurate. 

Any needed updates or corrections are applied and the data conversion cycle is repeated.

Data conversion is an iterative process, with multiple cycles of data cleaning, conversion and validation taking place to ensure data is compatible and error-free before UCPath goes live. 

The team is currently coordinating the review step of the cycle, identifying the tools and people to be trained on data validation. Review is targeted to begin in early 2019. 

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