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UCOP Announces New UCPath Deployment Timeline

On March 30, UC Berkeley successfully went live with UCPath. With this implementation, more than 100,000 UC employees now access benefits and pay information and perform self-service functions on UCPath.

For the remaining locations, UCOP announced an adjustment to the UCPath Deployment Schedule. The adjustment became necessary when UC Irvine and UC Davis delayed their March 2019 deployments. This created a situation where there are too many locations and employees to successfully deploy in one wave. To even out the populations, the new schedule staggers go-live dates between October 2019 and May 2020.

The upside for UC San Diego, now scheduled to deploy last, is it allows time to better prepare for integration with our new financial system, as well as providing more time to ensure users are comfortable, knowledgeable and skilled in working with UCPath.

To view the new schedule visit:

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