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UCPath New Deployment Schedule


UCPath is coming soon! Our new UCPath deployment schedule has UC San Diego going live June 1, 2020.

The UCPath Central Steering Committee just adjusted the UCPath deployment schedule by 30 days. This became necessary when UC San Francisco (UCSF) requested a delay in its deployment timeline. Instead of going live in March 2020 as scheduled, UCSF requested to join UC San Diego and become part of the final deployment. To better leverage this change and allow time for UC San Diego and UCSF to develop synergies, optimize commonalities and build relationships, the two campuses are now scheduled to deploy together in June 2020.

The extension of time will allow our two campuses to incorporate additional testing and preparations. It will also allow the UCPath Center extra time to “staff up” in order to handle the increased activity this joint implementation will bring. The new schedule is as follows:

  • January 2020: UC Irvine/UC Santa Cruz (~29,000 employees)
  • March 2020: UC Hastings (~425 employees)
  • To Be Determined: Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (~3,500 employees)
  • May 2020 Cutover/June 2020 first paychecks: UC San Diego and UC San Francisco (~60,000 employees)

Please continue to check out our website for the latest information:


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