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UCPath Live at UCLA and UCSB

UCPath is rolling! Two more locations are live! The momentum is increasing!  

What is UCPath? It is the new system-wide initiative that will modernize and optimize our current human resources, academic personnel and payroll systems – replacing PPS. 

On September 23, UCPath went live for UCLA employees, followed by UC Santa Barbara on September 27. We are excited to announce that more than 60,000 employees were successfully converted to UCPath.

These deployments included the issuance of 75,000 paychecks in the first monthly and biweekly payroll runs that totaled $317M in gross pay. With the addition of UCLA and UCSB, one-third of UC's employees are now being served by UCPath and the UCPath Center, with UC San Diego on target to deploy in fall 2019. 

Not familiar with UCPath and how it will impact you? It is not too late to find out. For more information and the overall deployment schedule, check out the UCPath web site, then attend one of the UCPath 101 Roadshows. See our calendar for upcoming session dates and locations - no registration is required.

Category: HR and Payroll