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WalkMe Service To Be Decommissioned

In response to valuable feedback from our campus community and with a commitment to providing more effective user training solutions, the Enterprise Systems Renewal (ESR) program will decommission the WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform on December 15, 2023.

WalkMe was brought to campus by the ESR program as a temporary solution to support user adoption of new systems. While it has played a pivotal role in our transition over the last few years, the need to install special software on user workstations and the constant maintenance requirements limit its application and use. As new options become available, we will continue to explore more effective solutions available to all users. As part of our commitment to evolving with emerging capabilities, we are now pleased to introduce Oracle Guided Learning (OGL).

Starting in January 2024, Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) is being applied to all Oracle products. OGL provides a similar experience to WalkMe, with the added benefit of being available to all OFC users upon login, eliminating the need for special software to be installed. Please stay tuned as more information about the OGL rollout will be shared with the community over the next few months.

Part of decommissioning WalkMe, we will partner with our central and distributed IT service providers to remove WalkMe from university issued and managed workstations. You will be notified directly by your IT support team in February 2024 regarding this effort.

Learn more about the WalkMe decommission, including participating systems and how to get help, at


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