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Why Ecotime?

As you might know, UC San Diego is implementing a new payroll timekeeping system, called Ecotime, that will replace MyTime, TAR and other local paper processes. We would like to acknowledge feedback we’ve received about Ecotime, including that it is difficult to use and doesn’t even feel like an upgrade.  

So, why are we transitioning to Ecotime? 

The short answer: To support our transition to UCPath. 

In June, UCPath will go live at UC San Diego. Many of our current systems and processes, including MyTime, are not compatible with UCPath. 

Ecotime is compatible. Other UC campuses currently use it, too. So while Ecotime does have limitations, its implementation ensures we can mitigate a subset of risks associated with our transition to UCPath. 

To summarize, Ecotime: 

  • Consolidates multiple timekeeping systems at the end of their lifecycle (including some that are well beyond their lifecycle)
  • Minimizes risks during the transition to UCPath, and ensures payroll operations continue without interruption 
  • Is currently used by other locations that have already implemented UCPath 

Also, we’d like to note that Ecotime is not necessarily a long-term solution for UC San Diego. It is being implemented to get us through the UCPath implementation and subsequent few years. There is a possibility that timekeeping solution may be implemented systemwideUntil such time, we will continually work towards improving the user experience in Ecotime and evaluate other timekeeping systems that are compatible with UCPath.  

We’d like to thank timekeepers, supervisors and staff for their efforts in making this transition. Visit for more information, including training resources. Send your questions to 

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