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About Activity Hubs

Activity Hubs are central repositories for UC San Diego's enterprise systems data. Activity Hubs improve data reporting and analysis, allowing users to more efficiently and effectively aggregate and analyze data from student, alumni, employee, facilities, financial and research systems.

Before Activity Hubs

Aggregating data for analysis and reporting was difficult with: 

  • Multiple locations for data, lack of definitions for like terms and a variety of ways to request access to available data
  • Variety of tools needed to access data: QueryLink, Aqua Data Studio, Cognos, Tableau, SPSS, Informatica, Excel, Direct System Access, FinLink 
  • Multiple copies of data stored locally and unsecured, creating redundancies and differences
  • Direct connections to data sources creating security risks 

Activity Hubs Provide  

Reporting and analysis:

  • Single source for much historical and all new data
  • Common definitions for single terms
  • Simplified access request process 
  • Supported analytics tools: Cognos, Tableau, SPSS
  • Simplified views designed for ease of use
  • Secure access with an audit trail
  • Easier analysis, reporting and visualization for all users

See the rigorous process of confirmation and quality assurance all data is run through before release to an Activity Hub.

Timeline and Status


Student Activity Hub
Released in January 2019, SAH is currently available to a limited audience.


Research Activity Hub 
Released in January 2020 with the launch of Kuali Research Administration.

Employee Activity Hub 
Released in June 2020 with the launch of UC San Diego's UCPath Human Resource system.

Financial Activity Hub 
Released in August 2020 with the launch of Oracle Financials Cloud.


Facilities Activity Hub
Project kicked off


Compliance Activity Hub
Project kicked off

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Project Leadership

Project Sponsors

Vince Kellen
Chief Information Officer

Kevin Chou
Executive Director
Business Technology Systems

Project Governance

Project Governance provides leadership support to the project team.

Governance members make certain the project is operating within stated constraints (budget, schedule, scope, etc.) and monitors risks and associated mitigation efforts.  

Each activity hub will utilize the corresponding ESR project’s governance.  

Project Team

The Data and Analytics team supports the Activity Hubs and provides training and resources for the Cognos and Tableau analytics tools used to access Hub data. 

The core project team ensures successful launch and continuous support. 

Meet the Activity Hubs team.