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The goal of the Enterprise Identity Management (EIM) project is to better manage the risks associated with managing the 70,000-plus users making more than 6 million interactions with university systems each year. EIM will improve identification of an individual and make system access more easily managed over the course of their time with the university.

Led by the Office of Information Assurance, EIM will also simplify assigning access to UC San Diego systems and resources, provide social network account login for select services and allow deactivation of individual accounts upon separation, reducing risk for the university.

Project Status

With an expected go-live in Fall 2023, the EIM project's list of deliverables, or scope, has been reduced and redefined to allow the project team to focus on building solid, well-thought-out systems and services.

The new project scope and timeline will end with delivery of identity access and management services that will  more easily adapt to enhancements and modern add-ons. This new, live EIM will conclude work with the Enterprise Systems Renewal (ESR) program. All enhancements and improvements not included in this adjusted project scope will be addressed after go-live as service enhancements.

Look for more information about the services and systems EIM will deliver and not over the coming weeks.

EIM Highlights

EIM Opens Project Roles

The EIM team was recently looking for staff to join the Organizational Change Management (OCM) team in two key roles – Change Lead and Change Practitioner.

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EIM Process Landscape

For the EIM project, transforming how our university conducts Identity Management and Access Management begins with a process landscape.

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