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With over 70,000 users who interact with university systems more than 6 million times a year, Enterprise Identity Management (EIM) aims to improve user experience and manage risk associated with this incredible volume. To do this, the project will improve how the university uniquely identifies each and every member of its community during the course of their time with the university, whether a student, instructor, researcher, employee, alum, donor or sponsored guest.

Under EIM, each person will have a single backend identity with a minimum amount of data needed to uniquely and positively identify them. Users, however, will still retain all of their accounts to everything they need. What this means then is that as an individual’s engagement with the university changes, an employee takes a new position in another department, a student graduates and becomes an alum, a current employee turns student, or an individual changes their name, the university will know it’s you, and not someone else. 

This single identity record will ensure individuals receive the correct access to university systems and resources they need in a timely manner.

Led by the Office of Information Assurance, some of the benefits of the new EIM ecosystem will be:

  • Consistent, secure single identity for each community member, retained throughout their time with the university
  • Flexible identity adding multiple roles as the user’s engagement changes
  • Simplified access for UC San Diego resources based on the unique identity
  • Select services accessable for community members via social networking account logins
  • Timely deactivation of individual accounts and system access to mitigate risk to the university


Design assessments for UC San Diego Identity Management processes and systems are underway and will continue over the next year. The project team is currently initiating foundational process landscape work, pulling in our subject matter experts to ensure our solution aligns with and serves business needs. Timeline updates coming soon.

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