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Kuali Conflict of Interest Live

Kuali Conflict of Interest is live and available for use as of January 21, 2020. Get training materials and access at this link 

About the Project

The Kuali Conflict of Interest (Kuali COI) project offers a web-based platform to create an electronic conflict of interest disclosure process for UC San Diego. 

The Kuali COI system will integrate with other UC San Diego systems to automate and facilitate the completion of conflict of interest disclosure forms for its employees and affiliates.

See more and a demonstration of the Kuali COI system in this video: 

The Kuali COI project will:

  • Provide a seamless web-based solution to submit all disclosures consistent with federal, state and University policies
  • Integrate Kuali Research to trigger and track disclosure requests
  • Retain previous disclosure data so discloser can update or certify the information as applicable
  • Provide discloser to designate a proxy to assist with questionnaire completion
  • Provide disclosure statuses
  • Decrease institutional risk through faster processing of disclosure information and identification of conflict of interest issues


The project team is currently in the "Configure & Prototype" phase. System launch is slated for January 21, 2020, with Kuali Research.

See more about Kuali COI