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Change Network

Our goal is to organize leaders at all levels of the university to coordinate Kuali COI communication so end users hear the right messages from the right people.

Building a Change Network of informed individuals in every college, unit and medical center provides a local support structure that can better anticipate and meet the needs of UC San Diego's diverse group of stakeholders.

The Kuali COI Change Network:

  • Includes members from across the university and medical center leadership, supervisors and employees - to build awareness of the project and its impact
  • Provides structure to facilitate communication using local, established channels
  • Supports feedback and two-way communication between those affected by the project
  • Requires members to attend meetings, share communications, track unit readiness and present updates at existing departmental meetings. 

The network is led by Change Lead Jennifer Ford with Nicole Joyce, Kuali Research Change Lead, because the Kuali projects have a similar audience that requires the same information.

Find your change network representative in the list below for more about how your unit is planning to adopt the new Kuali COI system. 

Learn more about Change Network roles and responsibilities.

Academic Change Network

VC Academic Affairs

Sponsor Coalition Lead: Adam DiProfio

Area Sponsorship Coalition  Change Champions
Biology Maryam Attari

Patty Camacho

Jennifer Louie

College Business Office Pamela Fruge

Terece Moret

Global Policy and Strategy Misty Cervantes Nguyen

Misty Cervantes Nguyen

Graduate Division Shar Rauch

Michelle Monroy

Tanya Reese

Jacobs School of Engineering Lisa Russon

Chay Mendoza

Emily Yeh

Library Tami Stein


Physical Sciences Elena Lelea

Heather Sears

Jasmyn Hornbuckle

Preuss School Karin Marsolais

Mario Ibarra

Rady School of Management Josue Ayala


Social Sciences Yvette Obando
VC Academic Affairs Adam DiProfio

VC Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Sponsor Coalition Lead: Adam DiProfio

Area Sponsorship Coalition  Change Champions
Academic Senate Ray Rodriguez Michelle Null

VC Health Sciences

Sponsor Coalition Lead: Gene Hasegawa

Area - Clinical Departments Sponsorship Coalition  Change Champions
Cardiovascular Institute

Nancy Sills

Lisa Murphy

Heather Grassi
Family Medicine and Public Health Randy Brooks Heather Fagan
Ophthamology Bob Lee

Bob Lee

Pathology Kai Wang

Olga Hernandez

Radiation Medicine & Applied Science Veronica Garcia
Area - Non-Clinical Departments Sponsorship Coalition  Change Champions
Advanced Cell Therapy Gene Hasegawa Erika Wilson
Cancer Center Shreya Kanodia

Victoria Millsteing

Sonia Ashley

CARTA Gene Hasegawa

Linda Nelson

Center for Healthy Aging Gene Hasegawa Nancy Yue
CTR fir Glycobiology Research & Training Gene Hasegawa
CTR/INV Health & Education Disparities Gene Hasegawa
CTR/Research Biological Structure Gene Hasegawa
CTRI Gene Hasegawa
Institute of Diabetes & Metabolic Heal Gene Hasegawa
Institute of Engineering in Medicine Gene Hasegawa
Institute of Genomic Medicine Gene Hasegawa
Other Medical School Programs Gene Hasegawa
Sanford Stem Cell Clinical Center Gene Hasegawa
SIRA Gene Hasegawa
Stem Cell Gene Hasegawa
Area - Dean's Office; School of Pharmacy Sponsorship Coalition  Change Champions
Dean's Office

Gene Hasegawa

Gen Ops Gene Hasegawa
School of Pharmacy Andrina Marshall  Yoli Rigonan
Area - Vice Chancellor Office Sponsorship Coalition  Change Champions
AVC Academic Affairs

Gene Hasegawa

AVC Faculty Affairs

Gene Hasegawa

Capital Expenses

Gene Hasegawa

Chief Scientific Officer

Gene Hasegawa

Gene Hasegawa

Cheryl Ross

Dean CVC Affairs

Cheryl Ross

Facilities Operations

Gene Hasegawa

General Operations

Gene Hasegawa

Health Science Space Advisory 

Gene Hasegawa

HSIT Shared Services

Gene Hasegawa

Human Embryonic Stem Cell Core Facility

Gene Hasegawa

Human Research Protection Program

Gene Hasegawa

Microscopy Core

Gene Hasegawa

OCTA Recharge

Gene Hasegawa

Physician in Chief

Cheryl Ross

Sponsored Research Service Core

Gene Hasegawa

Stem Cell Genomics Core

Gene Hasegawa

VCHS Academic Resource Center

Gene Hasegawa

VCHS Academic Staff Admin

Gene Hasegawa

VCHS Accounting/Reporting

Cheryl Ross

VCHS Affiliates

Gene Hasegawa

VCHS Billing and Accounts Receivable 

Cheryl Ross

VCHS Budget and Analysis

Cheryl Ross

VCHS Business App Dev Group

Cheryl Ross

VCHS Business Contracting

Gene Hasegawa

VCHS Business Intelligence

Cheryl Ross

VCHS Chief Academic Officer Admin

Gene Hasegawa

Gene Hasegawa
VCHS Chief Operating Officer

Gene Hasegawa

Gene Hasegawa
VCHS Commitments

Gene Hasegawa

VCHS Core Bioservices

Gene Hasegawa

VCHS Counsel

Chery Ross

VCHS Deficits

Gene Hasegawa

VCHS Faculty Affairs

Gene Hasegawa

VCHS Financial Officer Admin

Cheryl Ross


Gene Hasegawa


Gene Hasegawa

VCHS International Business

Gene Hasegawa

VCHS Laboratory Support Services

Gene Hasegawa


Gene Hasegawa


Gene Hasegawa

VCHS Office Admin Support Services

Gene Hasegawa

VCHS Office Administration

Gene Hasegawa

VCHS Office Chief of Staff

Gene Hasegawa

VCHS Other Deficits

Gene Hasegawa

VCHS Physical Resources Management

Gene Hasegawa

VCHS Project Management

Cheryl Ross

VCHS Recharge Rate Review Support

Gene Hasegawa

VCHS Research Service Core

Gene Hasegawa

VCHS Resource Management

Gene Hasegawa

VCHS Velos

Gene Hasegawa

Video Media Group

Gene Hasegawa

VC Marine Sciences

Sponsor Coalition Lead: Anne Footer

Area Sponsorship Coalition  Change Champions
Marine Sciences Research Laboratories Division

Wayne Farquharson

Anne Footer

Annamarie Bryson

Janet Matsumoto

Andrei Koudriavstev

Debi Pollard

Birch Aquarium

Kathy Kiaunis

Ken Steitz

Ships Operations and Technical Support

Crystal Roberts

Jennifer Paolini

UC Institutes - SIO (Seagrant) Rose Madson Rose Madson
SIO Office of Contract and Grant Administration Frank Troung William Park III

VC Research Affairs

Sponsorship Coalition Lead: Kyle Nakanishi

Area Sponsorship Coalition  Change Champions
Animal Care Program Darryl James
Office of Contracts and Grants Ross Dammann

Lisa Meredith

Jeff Warner

Stella Sung

Trevor Johnson

Patti Williams

Office of Innovations and Commercialization

William (Bill) Decker

Christina Falcone
Organized Research Unites Kyle Nakanishi

Dani Elias

Octavio Ochoa

Frtiz Leader

Janet Shin

Liz Kelly 

Philip Godfrey

Lisette Reynolds Braswell

Research Compliance  Angie McMahill

Jennifer Ford

Kristen Anderson-Vicino

Brittany Whiting

Research Cyberinfrastructure Julie Gallardo

Michelle Strong

VC Research Kyle Nakanishi Robert Clark

VC Student Affairs

Sponsorship Coalition Lead: Jason Jennings

Area Sponsorship Coalition  Change Champions
VC Student Affairs Sara Kaup

Central Change Network

Chancellor's Office

Sponsor Coalition Lead: Mercedes Munoz

Area Sponsorship Coalition  Change Champions
Chancellor's Office Jocelyn Pacheco

Raquel Hall

Office of Ethics & Compliance Jocelyn Pacheco

Ross Farley

Office of the Campus Counsel Jocelyn Pacheco

Lynn Do

University Communications Jocelyn Pacheco

Chuck Massey

Public Affairs Jocelyn Pacheco

Chuck Massey

Treasury  Deanna Richardson


VC Resource Management and Planning

Sponsor Coalition Lead: Simona Capsa

Area Sponsorship Coalition  Change Champions
Campus Carbon Neutrality and Sustainability Simona Capsa
Environment, Health and Safety Gaye Hill
Policy and Records Simona Capsa
Strategic Energy Initiatives Simona Capsa

VC Chief Financial Officer

Sponsor Coalition Lead: Arlynn Renslow

Area Sponsorship Coalition  Change Champions
Chief Financial Officer Staff Caitlin Chu Barbara Danner
General Accounting Laura Blankenship
Office of Post Award Financial Services

Marissa Yessis-Prough

Wella Garcia

Duyen Nguyen

Operational strategic Initiatives

Traci Carpenter

Kristing Kielich