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Training Strategy

This page details the Kuali COI training strategy that was created for the January 21, 2020 go-live.

The team implemented a blended learning approach to training.

What is a blended learning approach?

A blended learning approach combines multiple methods and opportunities for learning. This approach prevents a user from having to absorb a vast amount of instructions and details at once. Instead, the user can deliberately consume bite-size information from multiple sources that more directly impact their tasks.

What types of training were made available?

Training Type Who is it for? Dates
Train-the-Trainer Select subject matter experts (SMEs) October 2019
Learning Labs Anyone wanting hands-on experience with the system. November - December 2019
Virtual Instructor-Led / Webinars Anyone seeking hands-on experience with the system from their desk. December 2019
Consultation Sessions
One-on-one sessions with COI office representatives to learn more about the system, enter your financial interests and ask questions.

January to February 2020

WalkMe (In-System Digital Adoption Platform) Anyone using Kuali COI who needs real time, step-by-step guidance. January 2020 - Ongoing
Microlearning Libraries Anyone who wants to enter a question to find quick answers.
Some content will be made available through other sources such as WalkMe, ServiceNow, Blink and Kuali Zendesk.
January 2020 - Ongoing