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ESR Data Use Inventory: What's Next?

What happens to your current business process or system inventory after it's created? The Continuity Planning team provides links to status checks and follow-up meetings to help move you toward solutions for new enterprise system data.

Continuity Planning
We'd like to first introduce the ESR Continuity Project and team. The team will be working with you through the Continuity Planning process, a series of steps designed to ensure a smooth transition to the new sources of record for enterprise data.

Meet the Continuity Planning Team 

Say-Ho Tan is a Business Systems Analyst and Organizational Change Lead
Angela Carpenter is the Business Systems Analyst
Jessica Pohle is the Project Manager

They are all excited to work with you on this effort! 

Engagement Timeframe

You’ve submitted your inventory, so what’s next? 

The timeline we use to engage with each business process owner is based on a combination of factors, including the anticipated level of effort and complexity of the processes/applications and the planned go-live dates for related ESR projects.

We are currently engaging business process owners for the Kuali Research, UC Path and the Financial Information System projects through September and October of 2019.

What's Happening With Your Inventory Now? 

Unless you've very recently submitted an inventory, it's likely that your data has been reviewed and is advancing through the Continuity process. 
You can check the status in a real-time project report, arranged by VC/Dean: (VPN or campus connection required.)
For detailed information about your specific inventory, contact the team at


What Are the Next Steps? 

Before you meet with the Continuity team, we ask you to do the following:

  1. Review your business objectives. Mirror as closely as possible the information suggested on documenting your Business Objective
  2. Email any updated information or entries to prior to the meeting.
  3. Think about the anticipated future state of your application(s), which we’ll work through together. 
    Please keep in mind that future-state planning may be affected by many factors. Given the additional time and technical resources it takes to make an existing system work with the new systems, our goal is to move as many business processes and applications into new ESR systems as possible.
  4. Identify a point of contact we can work with to coordinate ESR Continuity Planning efforts. Provide names to the ESR Continuity Planning project manager, Jessica Pohle, at

We appreciate all of the time and effort that you have already put in and continue to dedicate to this important project. We look forward to working with you now and in the future!

Feel free to contact the ESR Continuity Planning team with any questions at

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