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Document Management Made Easy 

Have you ever wondered where documents should be stored, how long they should be retained or who will have access to the data?

Have you ever encountered difficulty exchanging documents and other types of content with other departments? For example, your information is in one format, their information is in another, and there is no sensible way to bridge the gap. The result is likely a series of manual, repetitive tasks designed to duplicate the content so it can be shared.  

The Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS) project is working on a solution! The goal of EDMS is to improve workflows and optimize business processes related to data and document retention for business units university-wide. This service will enable teams to reduce steps and eliminate duplicated efforts, which reduces time employees and users spend on repetitive processes. Additionally, providing a standardized set of tools will reduce risks related to non-compliant document storage and retention. 

Enrollment Management and Health Sciences Research Service Core (RSC) will be the first to use EDMS. Each previously used local versions of the OnBase product by Hyland. The new enterprise version will be cloud-based; each local instance that is migrated to the cloud results in about a $75,000 cost savings in maintenance.  
Enrollment Management's migration is starting the user testing phase, with a scheduled go live in late June 2019.  

Last week, the RSC component cleared a major milestone, copying the production environment up to the cloud. The go live for Health Sciences is planned for mid-August 2019.    

“Through some fantastic efforts from a great team of partners and experts, we have been able to meet due dates, on time, for all major milestones on the EDMS project so far,” said Gabe Edwards, the UC San Diego EDMS product owner. 

“As with many of the advanced services being launched, we are focusing on providing a well-defined tool to the campus, with adaptability and scalability at the core. This means that we are doing a lot of ‘measuring twice and cutting once.’ We are building a product and service model that work for the demands of the future and allow us to continuously improve the product over its lifecycle. 
“Between now and our campus-wide launch in early 2020, we’ll be onboarding prioritized departments and along the way putting together a well-rounded contingent of user teams, subject matter experts, trainers, administrators and campus advocates who will be helping spread the word about improving workflows, simplifying processes, retaining and managing documents, reducing risk for the university and providing enhancements to document services at UC San Diego,” added Gabe. 

For more information about the EDMS project, contact Gabe Edwards at

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