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Identity Management in a Nutshell

The Enterprise Identity Management (EIM) team is focused on improving how UC San Diego handles identity management, access management and identity governance. Part of the success of this effort is, of course, in ensuring our UC San Diego community understands the underlying issues of identity management at university and the goals and benefits of the EIM project. Thankfully, the following video, entitled "Identity Management in a Nutshell," was created based on the recent EIM TechTalk. 

To hear more about the project from this talk, check out the full March 16, 2022 TECHTalk in its entirety.

Join the Conversation

The success of the project is dependent on the active participation of Subject Matter Experts (SME) from across campus to understand the process landscape surrounding EIM. 

If you are interested in engaging with the EIM project, SME opportunities are available for future business process landscape tracks in addition to openings for EIM Change Leads and Change Practitioners. Contact today. 

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