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Kuali COI Simplifies Researcher Disclosure Process

On January 21, the Kuali Conflict of Interest (COI) module went live as a web-based platform to create an electronic process for conflict of interest disclosures at UC San Diego. Releasing the module on time (in conjunction with Kuali Research) is a major milestone.

The Kuali COI system determines which activity researchers must disclose to comply with university, state and federal government disclosure requirements. The COI module sends an email to researchers and their delegated support staff when there is a need to report in Kuali COI. 

More than 300 COI disclosures have been submitted since Kuali COI went live. This number is impressive because, to reduce burden on the researchers, the implementation team only triggered COI disclosures for only some researcher projects on the first day of go-live.  

The team provided personalized consultations with researchers to answer questions and help them learn the system. In fewer than three days, the team met with 22 faculty and 15 staff. Researchers have commented that the Kuali COI system is straightforward and simple to use. 

“I’m pleased that researchers and their support staff are engaged in using Kuali COI and asking questions,” said Jennifer J. Ford, project Change Lead, Business Lead and Director of Conflict of Interest. “We’re asking for people’s feedback and they are providing it.” 

Kuali COI is in place to simplify the process for research investigators to report financial interests and outside activities as they apply for and receive federal research grants. It replaces multiple paper-based processes by providing a more streamlined user experience, making it easier to submit and update conflict of interest disclosures with external proposals and other related activities required to meet university and state and federal government disclosure requirements. 

The process also includes logic that will auto-approve disclosures that do not need intervention from COI office staff. 

“Getting to this stage was a true team effort,” says Jennifer. “I’d like to thank our project sponsor, Vice Chancellor of Research Sandra Brown, the ESR program team, the small Kuali COI implementation team and COI staff members. The dedication by the COI team has been instrumental and greatly appreciated. Everyone came together to make Kuali COI a reality.” 

This initial release is step 1 of a larger roadmap. “We’re actively working on future enhancements, collaborating with Kuali to provide researchers with an even better experience,” Jennifer says. 

Learn more about Kuali COI on the project website. Contact Jennifer at 

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