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Getting Ready for Kuali IRB

The IRB team welcomes you into the New Year. As you have seen in previous blogs, we are on the cusp of launching an all-new IRB module from Kuali. Go-live for the new Kuali IRB system is scheduled for June 2021. Many of you already use Kuali for grants management and conflict of interest disclosures; now it is the IRB’s turn to get onto UC San Diego’s common research administration platform!

What You Need to Know Now

Keep using the eIRB Services system as you have been

Kuali IRB will not go live until June 2021. The IRB team is in the process of configuring electronic smart forms and other improvements that will come with having a true electronic IRB administration system.

Training will begin in the April-May timeframe

As part of the change to Kuali IRB, the IRB office will be implementing several new process improvements to make reviews more efficient and effective. Formal training on the Kuali IRB system and the new process improvements will start in the April / May time frame (stay tuned for timing). Ongoing training will be provided after the system goes live.

Submitting new studies

You’ll start using Kuali IRB to submit new studies in June, at go-live. There will be a methodical and reasonable transition timeline for you to move your existing research from eIRB Services over to Kuali. Don’t panic, this will happen on a rolling basis and we will keep you well informed of any deadlines. See more on the rollout in last month’s Kuali IRB article.

What You Should Do Now

Prepare for the move to Kuali

If you interact with the UC San Diego IRB office, it’s officially time to start getting ready for the switch to Kuali IRB and the improved processes that will come with it.

Attend the IRB Town Hall, 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Wednesday, January 20, 2021 (click to register). The Town Hall is part of the Research Compliance Hot Topics and Training Program. Director of the Human Research Protections Program (HRPP), Kip Kantelo, will be covering what to expect from Kuali IRB.

Become familiar with Kuali

Those not familiar with Kuali can learn more about the platform through the following resources. These resources are primarily for Kuali Research grants administration, but will provide examples of the look, feel and logic of the Kuali platform).

General Kuali Research information 

Kuali login link, how request access, training, faculty and approver information, service desk information, and more:

Research Administrator Training

UC San Diego Research Knowledge Base

Articles and step-by-step instructions

Stay tuned for more!

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