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Next Steps Toward a New SIS

If you add up all of the days, the Student Information System (SIS) project team, subject matter experts (SMEs), and technical experts have been locked away in Zoom Conference Room Pilot (CRP) sessions for nearly a month! 

Harnessing UC San Diego’s own expertise and insight into what we do and why we do it, the CRP sessions were extremely effective in enabling rich and revealing dives into the functionality and framework of three different vendor systems to support the SIS vendor selection process.

The SIS project team and subject matter experts watched and asked questions as each vendor team demonstrated their software executing real UC San Diego scenarios. UC San Diego technical experts asked all the right questions to learn about system functionality, architecture, continuity, and compatibility. Accessibility was put to the test.

With the CRP sessions now complete, a whole new phase of work has begun: evaluation and determining options.

Scoring and comments from the SIS team, SMEs, and technical experts are being compiled and considered. Vendors will submit their best and final offers and factors such as the total cost of ownership will be calculated.  

All of this, along with the insight gained related to accessibility for users with disabilities, will be discussed and considered at various levels at UC San Diego to determine next steps.

The SIS project team is using all the knowledge and understanding we have gained during this process to evaluate our options and develop recommendations, with the goal of charting the best possible path forward for our university. Throughout the remainder of February, the project team will meet with leadership from IT Services, Enterprise Systems Renewal, Procurement, Campus, and Extension, along with SIS governance and representatives of the Academic Senate.  

The SIS governance committee will put forth a recommendation, with final endorsement coming from project sponsor EVC Elizabeth Simmons.

Thank you to the dozens of SMEs who lent us their expertise during this process, without which we couldn't have gained so much insight into our prospective SIS vendors. We will keep everyone informed as we continue on our journey to a new SIS!

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