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Information and Understanding Exchange

With multi-day Conference Room Pilot (CRP) sessions complete for two of three vendors, the Student Information System (SIS) project team is close to meeting the most important CRP goal: learning.

Vendors were given a set of 35 UC San Diego scenarios across Enrollment, Academic Records, Billing and Financial Aid, Extension, and School of Medicine, which they were challenged to demonstrate in CRP sessions. More than 40 Subject Matter Experts, or SMEs, were at the virtual presentations to ask questions, clarify academic and business requirements, and score how well the aspects of the scenario were addressed.

The CRP sessions are doing exactly what they were designed to do: allowing us to learn more about what each SIS product can and cannot do. This expanded and specific insight will enable us to make the best product selection possible for our students, faculty, and staff. The sessions are also giving vendors valuable perspective related to UC San Diego’s complex academic and business needs.  

Our detailed understanding is also facilitating informed decision making and planning for what else may be needed. UC San Diego will not only choose an SIS product, but will also integrate existing solutions or acquire and integrate new solutions for functional continuity. This will differ depending on which vendor product is chosen.

The Project, Procurement, and ESR teams are working together to make sure that going forward we maintain core functionality you’ve come to expect, and that we expand our capabilities, improve our effectiveness and efficiency, and provide the type of experience that UC San Diego students deserve and expect going into the future.

The last CRP session is scheduled for the end of January 2021.

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