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SIS Project Preparation Work: Mobile WebReg Application

In our June 2022 newsletter SIS Ecosystem: The SIS Project and Its Supporting Work, the SIS Project Team provided an overview of the various projects that comprise the preparation work for a new student information system. One of them that will directly enhance the student experience is the Mobile WebReg Application Project. 

Mobile WebReg promises to be an exciting opportunity for students to utilize the existing UC San Diego mobile application to enroll in their courses every quarter. The UC San Diego mobile application already allows users to accomplish many things including scanning their COVID-19 self-administered test kits, checking for parking lot availability, viewing dining options and receiving notifications for free food. 

The SIS Project Team is working with colleagues from IT Services and the Registrar’s Office to design and deploy a Mobile WebReg application for an improved student experience. Students have requested a mobile application and will welcome the ability to enroll for classes via this mobile application, so this enhancement should be greatly appreciated.

Currently, students must utilize desktop WebReg via their computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device to search, plan, enroll or add/drop courses or make other allowed changes. Students are also able to create different sample schedules as they’re planning for their classes each quarter. Once their enrollment appointment times begin, students log into WebReg to enroll. During the 10-week academic quarters, as well as during UC San Diego’s Summer Session terms, students continue to use WebReg to make scheduling adjustments as needed before various academic deadlines occur. 

While functional, desktop WebReg is not mobile friendly and does not showcase technological possibilities to enhance the student experience. Given that everyone uses their phones to do countless transactions everyday, it is only natural to create a mobile friendly approach for students to enroll in their classes. 

There are already ongoing change management meetings with the SIS Project Team, IT Services and the Registrar’s Office to discuss, examine, update and clarify the multi-faceted aspects of this new venture. If your team works with students or you know of students who have questions about the future of Mobile WebReg, please contact Alex Wu, Director for Application Development, at for more information. 

While students who choose to utilize Mobile WebReg instead of desktop WebReg will be the ones directly impacted by this new application, they will not be the only population. The SIS Project Team also recognizes that the campus community may be eager to view a demonstration of Mobile WebReg, may have questions about how this new application will impact their interactions and roles with students and may want to know how they can be of assistance to troubleshoot questions and facilitate solutions when students are using Mobile WebReg. Once more info is available to share, the SIS Project Team will coordinate with IT Services and the Registrar’s Office to widely share additional updates.

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