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The Future State of SIS Reporting

As a follow-up to our February 2022 article about the scope of the Student Information System (SIS) Project, we wanted to further clarify one item on the in scope/out of scope list: reports. 

In Scope

What will be replaced or will change significantly as a result of the SIS project

Out of Scope

What will not be replaced or will not change significantly as a result of the SIS project

  • Course and class scheduling
  • Enrollment and registration services
  • Academic records
  • Curriculum management
  • Student finances and billing
  • Financial aid and scholarships
  • Operational and institutional reports (existing reports remain, but will use new data source)
  • Student recruitment and admissions
  • Student advising
  • Classroom scheduling optimization
  • Degree planning and certification
  • Mobile student registration
  • Grade entry
  • Course content delivery and management


We’ve received some questions from our stakeholders wondering what exactly it means that reports are listed as out of scope for the SIS project. Does that mean that we will be launching the new SIS without any reporting functionality available?

The answer to that is emphatically no; the project team understands the critical importance of reporting to the ongoing operations of the university and is already working to ensure the availability of reports will not be interrupted by the SIS project. Reporting is listed as out of scope because reports and their availability will not change significantly as a direct result of the SIS implementation, the data will simply be pulled from a different SIS system into the existing reports.

Of the items on the out of scope list, some may undergo improvements. In fact, some are already undergoing improvements as part of the preparation work (or “pre-hab” work) happening for the SIS project. Reporting is one of those.

The project team has been hard at work for almost a year, gathering information about the student data reporting needs of the campus, understanding existing reports, and beginning the work to ensure reports will remain available.

As part of our preparation efforts, we are working now to ensure that all the student reports you use today are updated to use the Activity Hub as their data source. With this approach, when the new SIS does go live, your reports will simply continue to use the Activity Hub as their data source as always, with the data flowing from the new SIS into the Activity Hub as it did with ISIS.

You can read more about the evolution of this work in these previous articles:

We will continue to provide updates on this important preparation work as it progresses.

We hope that clarifies the status of reports within the SIS project and we thank those who reached out to us, directly or indirectly, for more information. Please continue to reach out to us at with any questions or concerns you may have.

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