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SIS Project: What You Should Know (May 2023)

Key Project Milestones and Progress

Here's a quick summary of what's happened on the SIS project since last month. If you have questions or would like more information about any of the following projects, please reach out to us at

Core Student Information System (SIS) Replacement

  • The Conference Room Pilot (CRP) sessions with the second vendor ended on May 5. The vendor showed us how their software handles real-world UC San Diego scenarios.
  • Participants from the CRP sessions are submitting their scores. UC San Diego Procurement will compile the scores and calculate the vendor with the best overall result. The SIS governance committee will then review the result and assess next steps.

Financial Aid System Replacement

  • The Student Financial Planning (SFP) implementation team is continuing to gather requirements for processes and is working on the system configuration and design. 
  • The implementation team for the Graduate Financial Support and Payments Tool (FSPT) has completed the requirements and preliminary design phases, and has begun working on development of the application.

Curriculum Management System Selection

  • The team is working to prepare for the announcement of system selection as well as determining composition of the implementation and steering teams.

Report Remediation

  • On April 17, the team held a project kickoff for getting Accounts Receivable data into the Activity Hubs (the new data warehouses).
  • The project team continues to work on remediating reports used by the Colleges; 18 reports have now completed the user acceptance testing process.
  • Project team members are working on a project requirements list for Financial Aid reporting.

Student Finance

  • The TritonPay 2.0 project team is developing training materials for students in preparation for a soft launch this summer. Student groups for system testing are being identified and a robust communications plan has been developed. 
  • The Transact for the Division of Extended Studies (DES) project team held their project kickoff meeting on April 21. Work is continuing with the vendor on the design and configuration of the system.

Upcoming Opportunities for Engagement

Want to learn more about any of the work happening for the SIS Project? The project’s change team will be presenting for the following groups in the upcoming months. 

  • Roadshow for Core SIS Project in Summer or Fall Quarter 2023 (date TBD)

The project’s change team will also be meeting with the following groups in the upcoming months.

  • Division of Extended Studies (DES) Operations Forum on May 24, 2023
  • Academic Information Technology Advisory Group (AITAG) on June 5, 2023

Not part of any of the above groups but want to meet with us? Reach out to us at; we’d love to meet with you and your team.


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