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System to Replace ISIS Selected

By now, you’ve likely seen the Campus Announcement informing the university community that the contract for a new student information system (SIS) has been awarded to invenioLSI, SAP’s North American distributor for their Student Lifecycle Management (SLcM) product.

Below are key takeaways from this decision, as well as a link to frequently asked questions and our contact information.

Key Takeaways

Here's what we want you to understand about this decision.

  • SAP Student Lifecycle Management (SLcM) has been selected to replace ISIS.
  • We thank all those who contributed their time and expertise to this decision.
  • Work is already underway to prepare for the kickoff of the project, which will be scheduled pending the readiness of those involved in the project teams and committees.
  • With this new milestone, the target go-live for a new SIS will be in 2026, pending readiness of the system and the university. The project core team is working closely with project leadership and the vendor to identify a more specific go-live date and will share that with the university community once it is known.
  • To support the successful implementation of the new SIS, effective February 1, 2024, a freeze is in place for projects in the student information services domain. Stakeholders impacted by this project freeze have been informed and the SIS Project core team is working closely with them to make plans to accommodate the freeze. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out this list of frequently asked questions. We address many of what we believe to be the most likely questions you may have in that list.

Reach Out to Us

Still have questions or concerns that were not addressed in the above? We want to hear from you. Reach out to us at or invite us to your next group meeting where we will be happy to listen to your questions or concerns.

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