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SIS Project: What We’ve Heard (April 2024)

The SIS Project team attended 10 engagements in March, meeting with the university community to provide important project information and to conduct valuable listening sessions. We are grateful to the 391 UC San Diego employees from various campus units who showed up and shared their thoughts, questions and insights. 

Statistics showcasing the March engagements
Statistics showcasing the March engagements

Engaging Stakeholders

We continued our efforts in gathering information on the various channels that departments, units and schools use to engage with students, staff and faculty. As our project work continues, this information will be crucial in assisting our engagement efforts with various stakeholders and audiences at appropriate project phases for focus groups, test groups, feedback gathering and more.

Training Suggestions

Several groups echoed previous comments we have heard about training for the new student information system (SIS), that training must be a priority and must be done right. With a project as large-scale and transformational as implementing a new SIS, we understand that this project will impact everyone in different ways. Furthermore, teams continued to express a desire for segmented training, scenario-based training, and training videos with transcripts to assist staff with easily locating information. Also, we heard and understand there is typically a need to conduct training beyond the initial system rollout to assist supporting staff, faculty and students with the change.

Desiring Details

The ISIS Replacement Project has been a long time in the making, and since a vendor was only recently announced, our work is just beginning. Much of the detailed information stakeholders are seeking (what the new SIS can do, who will have access to data, how existing systems will be connected to the new SIS, etc.) has not yet been clearly determined. We understand that this information is important for you to know and impacts your daily work. We are committed to providing you with honest, transparent and timely information, and we will continue to share out information appropriately as the project progresses and decisions are made. 

Our Appreciation

Thank you to all the groups who invited us to speak with them and those who have taken the time to meet with us! We appreciate the input and feedback we received in our March engagements. Your involvement is an essential component of the project work, and we look forward to continuing these conversations. 

We are available to come and meet with any group to share about the project and hear your unique needs and concerns. Please invite us to join a department/team meeting by emailing us at

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