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SIS Project: What We’ve Heard (February 2024)

In January, we continued our engagements with the university community by meeting with various units from many areas across campus for project updates, listening sessions, and change freeze, continuity planning and report remediation discussions. These meetings aimed to offer updates, give context and provide planning support for the Student Information System (SIS) Project through various presentations and discussions.

We are so glad for the valuable feedback from the groups we met with. They asked thought-provoking questions that contributed to meaningful discussions. Here are some of the main themes that came up during our conversations.

  • Engagement – We've been asked what channels will be available for giving and getting feedback throughout the project, as well as how impacts will be communicated, what training will be provided in advance and how additional help will be offered. Many also sought assurance that they will be informed in advance of any upcoming changes that will impact them and their work. 
  • New SIS There is anticipation surrounding the need for a new and improved student information system, along with the massive impact it will have on everyone. Many are curious about when to start preparing for Student Lifecycle Management (SLcM) and who to contact for more information, while others are waiting for more tangible details on how the new system will affect other data and systems.
  • Reports – During meetings, some concerns have come up about the transition from ISIS and the data warehouse to the new SIS and the Student Activity Hub (SAH). For instance, folks are curious about how it will impact the process of getting access to data and getting data added to the SAH. There were also questions about whether it would be possible to get a preview of the new features and reports to help prepare for changes before they're introduced.
  • Systems and Integration – Those we spoke with shared questions about integration with the new system, as well as when it may make sense to still integrate with ISIS, even though it is being replaced. They also shared the importance of an interconnected student information ecosystem to allow them to seamlessly access the data and processes needed to complete their day-to-day work. 

Thank you to the groups we met in January. Please know we appreciate your input. You are an essential part of our community, and we're grateful for your active involvement. We look forward to continuing these conversations with the university community. 

If it has been a while since we last met, and you would like to, we are keen to meet with you to understand your needs and concerns for the project. If you’d want to invite the SIS Project team to join a department/team meeting, please email us at

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