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SIS Project: What We've Heard (May 2023)

On April 17, 2023, the Student Information System (SIS) Project team was invited to present to the Arts & Humanities student advisors and Management Services Officers (MSO) about the SIS Project. The SIS Project team delivered a presentation that included project context, impact and timeline, and allowed time for a Q&A session and open feedback. 

This group came prepared, and we are so glad that they did. They asked many thoughtful questions and provided useful suggestions for consideration, and expressed concerns regarding the SIS implementation. 

  • Questions touched on a variety of topics including reporting & queries, access to historical data, course approvals, student stipend payments and taxes, preparation for go-live of the new SIS, retiring the old SIS, and training of staff. 
  • Genuine concerns regarding timing of the new SIS launch were also expressed, communicating the challenges of high peak times such as fiscal close and end of quarter. 
  • The group shared their desire to have a strategic training plan in place with detailed guides and frequent support to meet the needs of all the different audiences (staff, managers and students) that the change to a new SIS will impact. 

To the Arts & Humanities group, we want to say an appreciative thank you for being actively engaged in the SIS Project and for honestly expressing your concerns and sharing concrete suggestions with us. To other departments and groups, we are eager to meet with you to better understand your unique needs and concerns for the project. Your active contribution not only enables us to be prepared for and support you through the transition, but it is absolutely essential to the entire project’s success. 

If you’d like to invite the SIS Project team to join a department/team meeting, please email us at

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