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SIS Project: What We’ve Heard (September 2023)

In August, we continued our engagements with the university community by meeting with the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Technical Community TECHTalk, Division of Extended Studies (DES) Operations Forum, Jacobs School of Engineering and a Roadshow for DES. The SIS Project team delivered a presentation that included project context, impact, timeline and a Q&A session. 

All of the groups we met with in August were splendidly engaged with the SIS Project presentations, they asked many important questions and gave significant feedback. Here are some of the themes we heard and discussed:

  • Engagement: Stakeholders expressed appreciation that engagement is happening across campus to keep them informed about the SIS Project. 
  • System Access: The access to new data systems is not going to be ported over from the current systems. This is an opportunity to incorporate new security and privacy rules and review who has access to what data. 
  • Reporting: There is a one-day data latency for all reports built off the Activity Hubs. If units have a need for real-time data they can bring it up as part of continuity planning and highlight which reporting they need in real-time so it can be addressed with in-system reports. 
  • Integration: Having integration across campus and with DES will be helpful for Concurrent Enrollment and to those who work with others or have shared programs. 
  • Training: Various groups asked for real examples and case studies that apply to their groups to be incorporated into the training. The groups also asked for focused training that applies to them. For general campus systems, it’s helpful to have training resources that are updated and maintained, especially as systems change.

Thank you to the groups we met with in August. Please know that your voice is being heard and that your engagement is essential to our success. We hope to continue the conversation with the university community quarterly. We’ve already started to schedule follow-up meetings with some groups.

If we have not met with you yet, we are eager to meet with you to better understand your unique needs and concerns for the project. If you’d like to invite the SIS Project team to join a department/team meeting, please email us at

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